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100 Tattoo Needles all sizes

Mountain View
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CE certificated

0.05" diameter loop bar fitting all tattoo machines

Pre-sterilized with Ethylene Oxide (E.O.) gas

Sterile #316 surgical stainless steel needle tip

Durable anticorrosion #304 stainless steel needle bar

Fast running of our stock that you can get those with long quality guarantee period


Needle Total Length: 5.63"

Needle Bar Length: 4.72"

Needle Bar Diameter: 0.05"

Needle Tip Length: 0.83"

Needle Tip Diameter: 0.01"


Use only if the package is undamaged

Package Includes:

10x 3RL

10x 5RL

10x 7RL

10x 9RL



10x 9RS

10x 5M1

10x 7M1

10x 9M1

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